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Sustainable IT Certification

TCO Certified is an international sustainability certification for IT products and includes a wide range of criteria ensuring that the manufacturing, use and recycling of IT products is carried out with regard to environmental and social responsibility. The purpose of TCO Certified is to make it easier for you to meet your organization’s sustainable IT goals. TCO Certified combines requirements for social responsibility at the facilities where the product is manufactured, user safety and ergonomic design as well minimal environmental impact for both the product and its production during the whole life cycle. The wide range of environmental and social criteria makes TCO Certified unique.

Third party verification

TCO Certified is a third party certification, often called a Type 1 certification, meaning that all product models are rigorously tested by an independent, accredited third party. We also back up this verification with regular after-market spot checks or products and manufacturing facilities, giving you an additional reassurance of product compliance.

By asking for TCO Certified in your purchasing specifications you can contribute to your organization’s sustainability goals and help advance sustainable development in IT.

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