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TCO Certified is an international sustainability certification for IT products. All TCO Certified products meet strict criteria for social responsibility at the facilities where the product is manufactured, user safety and ergonomic design as well minimal environmental impact for both the product and its production during the whole life cycle. Full criteria specifications for all product groups can be found in our manufacturer resources section.

For a brief overview, we have also compiled a criteria summary and outlined the product areas covered by TCO Certified. You can also read our tips on including sustainability requirements in your organization’s IT purchasing as well as search for TCO Certified products by model or brand  in our database.

Approximately every three years we review and update the criteria in TCO Certified. Updates are a result of an ongoing dialog with key stakeholders as well as scientific and market-based research. This research and stakeholder collaboration ensures that the criteria in TCO Certified meet relevant and current needs in the market and are in line with technological development.

TCO Certified is a third party certification – or Type 1 certification. This means that the environmental requirements are verified by an independent, accredited party. As an additional verification measure, TCO Development regularly carries out spot checks of TCO Certified products and manufacturing facilities.

By asking for TCO Certified products in your IT purchasing you can help reach your organization’s sustainability goals as well as help advance sustainable development as a whole.

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