TCO Certified

Sustainability certification for IT products

TCO Certified is an international third party sustainability certification for IT products. By choosing TCO Certified computers, displays and other devices, businesses and organizations around the world are able to help meet environmental and social challenges associated with electronics.

TCO Certified is a type 1 Ecolabel in accordance with ISO 14024, which means that compliance with the criteria is tested and verified by an independent third party. This applies to environmental and product performance criteria as well as socially responsible manufacturing. Manufacturers wanting to certify their products must meet all criteria relevant to the product and its manufacture.

Our follow up quality assurance program makes it easier for your organization to make sure that the products you buy meet your sustainability requirements.

TCO Certified is a product certification and does not apply to a brand as a whole. Brands and manufacturers select products or product families to certify, but each product model must be tested and verified according to requirements in TCO Certified. Certification of a particular product does not imply that all products under the same brand name are certified.

TCO certification is available in eight product categories: displays, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, desktops, all-in-one PCs, projectors and headsets.

Sustainability in all phases of the product life cycle

Electronics are associated with many different sustainability risks throughout the life cycle, including manufacturing, use and end of life phases. Some of these risks include working conditions in electronics manufacturing, negative environmental effects from the extraction of raw materials and manufacturing processes, energy consumption, hazardous content and chemicals, usability and low recycling rates, which feeds a growing global e-waste problem.

TCO Certified contains criteria aimed at addressing many of these challenges in each life cycle phase. This unique, broad scope makes TCO Certified the most comprehensive third party certification for IT products.

TCO Certified Criteria – production phase

Criteria – production phase
Socially responsible manufacturing, environmental management system.

TCO Certified Criteria – use phase

Criteria – use phase
Climate, ergonomics, health and safety, extended product life and emissions.

TCO Certified Criteria – end of life phase

Criteria – end of life phase
Reduction of hazardous content and chemicals, design for recycling

Third party tested and verified

Criteria in TCO Certified are developed in collaboration with our international network of stakeholders, including users, buyers, brands, manufacturers, researchers and others. Verification of product compliance is then carried out by accredited third parties that are independent of TCO Development.

TCO Development is impartial during the certification process. Brands select products to test and verify with accredited third party testing bodies. Once this process is complete, TCO Development issues the certification to qualifying products.

Read more about the criteria in TCO Certified
TCO Certified verification of criteria

Using TCO Certified to identify sustainably designed and made IT products

TCO Certiifed makes it easier for organizations all over the world to make sustainable IT product choices.

Learn more about how to include TCO Certified as part of your sustainable IT strategy.

Benefits of TCO Certified

  • The world’s most comprehensive third party certification of IT products
  • Unique mix of environmental and social criteria throughout product life cycle
  • Part of a proactive sustainable IT and purchasing program
  • Provides a structure for making IT part of the organization’s environmental and social responsibility strategy.

What purchasers say

One way to put our policy for environmental and social responsibility into action is to use a certification like TCO Certified. For us it’s important to help influence the development of smartphones, notebook computers and other IT products in a sustainable direction. Reducing negative environmental impact and contributing to better working conditions in IT manufacturing is in line with our policies.
Roman Berr, Federal Employment Agency, Germany
We’ve worked hard to integrate sustainability throughout our purchasing organization. Making sure our vendors also respect human rights and the environment is vital for both our business and society at large. In the case of this particular procurement, our sustainability specifications led directly to the certification of a series of notebook computers, which is also useful for other buyers looking to select certified products.
Amanda Jackson, Swedbank, Sweden
The Swedish Church has decided to use TCO Certified as part of our purchase of notebook computers. We have specified that the notebooks we buy must be certified according to the latest version of TCO Certified Notebooks. For our organization, it is important that we choose IT products that take environmental factors into account and that are manufactured under socially responsible conditions.
Catarina Lönnerholm, The Swedish Church, Sweden

TCO Certified Edge

For best in class products, TCO Certified Edge offers additional recognition for leading edge performance in a specific area, such as ergonomics or use of recycled materials. TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental certification intended for products that are at the forefront of technology and sustainable design.

Every TCO Certified Edge product model meets the requirements of both TCO Certified for its product category and at least additional TCO Certified Edge criterion.

TCO Certified Edge is available in TCO Certified Edge Displays, TCO Certified Edge Notebooks, TCO Certified Edge All-in-One PCs and TCO Certified Edge Headsets.

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