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Meet with us this spring

Representatives from TCO Development will be attending a number of events this spring. Bring your sustainable IT questions and let us know if you’ll be there

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Are Your Electronics Socially Responsible?

Some problems that plague IT production – like blocked fire exits or malfunctioning safety equipment – are relatively easy to solve. But the issues go much deeper. From migrant workers who have to pay for the privilege of serving as modern-day forced labor, to using student workers for menial tasks under the guise of education, to extreme overtime — the human costs of IT manufacturing can be staggering.

Presentation: Niklas Egels-Zandén on Social Responsibility

We will be publishing on-demand versions of the presentations from Sustainable IT Summit 2015. In part 3, Niklas Egels-Zandén take a closer look at the issue of social responsibility in the supply chain.

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Comparing Fairphone and TCO Certified is slightly misleading

It's a positive development to see initiatives on the market that aim to make the IT industry more sustainable. The product certification TCO Certified and the manufacturer Fairphone both offer the possibility of choosing smartphones that take social and environmental aspects into consideration. However, the report that compares Fairphone side-by-side to TCO Certified Smartphones is somewhat misleading.

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Poor factory conditions in electronics manufacturing continue

In a new investigative report, Sweden’s TV4 this week further exposed the continuing social problems and sub-par conditions faced by electronics factory workers in China.

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2014 – A Breakthrough year for Sustainable IT

2014 was in many ways a breakthrough year for sustainable IT. Buyers became even more committed to making sustainable IT product choices and we have seen an improved, more purposeful dialog between IT purchasers and industry. More contracts are also reflecting how an organization’s choice of computers and other electronics can contribute to sustainable development, both before, during and after the purchase is made.

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TCO Certified now part of German federal procurement criteria

TCO Certified, announced a new cooperation with the Office for Procurement of the German Ministry of the Interior (Beschaffungsamt des Bundesministerium des Innern, BeschA). TCO Certified is set to become part of the newly established code of conduct, agreed to by the BeschA and the electronics industry group BITKOM, another step toward more sustainable procurement of IT products.

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Buyers driving IT brands to more responsible electronics

Electronics and IT products are largely manufactured under tough working conditions in price-pressed supply chains. These pressurized conditions have led to excessive overtime, unsafe working environments and other negative outcomes for workers. As some brands show progress toward more responsible practices, it is vital that organizations buying IT products use tools such as the new EU Public Purchasing Directive to continue the drive toward more sustainable manufacturing of electronics.

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Webinar on demand: “The State of Socially Responsible Manufacturing in the IT Industry”

In our webinar, we present findings of a newly published report, “The State of Socially Responsible Manufacturing in the IT Industry”.

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Report–TCO Development sees progress and remaining hotspots in socially responsible manufacturing among IT brands

A new report from TCO Development reveals some progress but also persistent problems among 17 major IT hardware brands working to comply with new socially responsible manufacturing requirements. The State of Socially Responsible Manufacturing in the IT Industry reviews brand efforts over a one-year period to meet new criteria in TCO Certified, the sustainability certification

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