Join our TCO Certified Industry Stakeholder Group

Our work with the TCO Certified Industry Stakeholder Group as an international group with several specialty areas is a key element of TCO Certified. The stakeholder group provides input into existing processes as well as upcoming criteria drafts and focus areas. As a manufacturer your participation in the stakeholder dialog is an important way to make sure your voice is part of this process.

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Current development projects

Buyers driving IT brands to more responsible electronics

Electronics and IT products are largely manufactured under tough working conditions in price-pressed supply chains. These pressurized conditions have led to excessive overtime, unsafe working environments and other negative outcomes for workers. As some brands show progress toward more responsible practices, it is vital that organizations buying IT products use tools such as the new EU Public Purchasing Directive to continue the drive toward more sustainable manufacturing of electronics.
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Third Party Certifications join forces to challenge public sector

In a first of its kind collaboration, a group of third party environmental and sustainability certifications have joined forces to challenge the public sector to become more socially and environmentally responsible in their purchasing practices. The initiative coincides with the publication of EU’s expanded directive for public purchasing. The new directive expands opportunities to include environmental and social aspects when using public funds to buy goods and services. In EU, public purchasing accounts for around 200 billion Euro annually.