Join our TCO Certified Industry Stakeholder Group

Our work with the TCO Certified Industry Stakeholder Group as an international group with several specialty areas is a key element of TCO Certified. The stakeholder group provides input into existing processes as well as upcoming criteria drafts and focus areas. As a manufacturer your participation in the stakeholder dialog is an important way to make sure your voice is part of this process.

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Criteria development news

Coming in 2015 - New Generation TCO Certified

Criteria in TCO Certified are routinely updated every three years, in line with new technologies and sustainability challenges. In 2015 we are planning to launch the next generation of TCO Certified. Preliminary work has begun to assess potential criteria and structural updates.

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2014 phase-out schedule for older versions of TCO Certified

TCO Certified criteria are typically reviewed and updated every two years. As criteria are updated, we also phase out older versions of TCO Certified. We have several criteria documents that will expire this year.

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Update - Criteria review, non-halogenated substances.

TCO Development is evaluating an update of the non-halogenated substances requirement in TCO Certified. Following a pre-study, we are now publishing a pre-draft for stakeholder comment. The purpose of the proposed update is to increase the knowledge of chemical substances with regards to their human and environmental impacts and to drive a shift towards less hazardous alternatives.

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Sustainability Certification Raises the Bar for Recycled Content in IT Products.

In a step forward for sustainable IT, product certification organization TCO Development announces the first products to meet a new certification for computer displays containing a minimum of 85% post consumer recycled plastics.

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Draft open for comment: TCO Certified Edge Displays 2.0 – Recycled Plastic Content

In our ongoing pursuit of more sustainable IT product choices, TCO Development proposes to increase the minimum post-consumer recycled plastic content required in the certification for leading edge products, TCO Certified Edge Displays.

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Criteria review – TCO Certified Edge Displays - Post consumer content (PCC)

TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental certification intended for best –in-class products at the forefront of technology and sustainable design. We are currently evaluating an update to the minimum post consumer content requirement in the displays category.

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