Join our TCO Certified Stakeholder Group

Our work with an international group of stakeholders representing industry, buyers, subject matter experts and interest organizations is a key element of TCO Certified. Stakeholders provide input into existing processes as well as upcoming criteria drafts and focus areas. As a manufacturer, buyer, subject matter expert or supporter of sustainable IT,  your participation in the stakeholder dialog is an important way to make sure your voice is part of this open process.

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Criteria development news

Webinar on-demand. New Generation TCO Certified

In case you missed the April 8 stakeholder webinar discussing the new generation TCO Certified, you're now able to view it on demand. Experts Niclas Rydell and Emma Nolte from TCO Development present the draft criteria which are currently open for comment.

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April webinars, workshops - New Generation TCO Certified

During 2015 we will be introducing a new generation TCO Certified. Every three years we review the criteria in TCO Certified in line with new technologies and sustainability challenges associated with the life cycle of electronics.

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Now Open for Comment – Draft of New Generation TCO Certified

During 2015 we will be introducing a new generation TCO Certified, beginning with the publication of draft criteria in March. Focus of the new version will continue to be environmental, social and economic sustainability throughout the product life cycle.

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IT industry has the ability to phase out hazardous substances

Chemsec, The International Chemical Secretariat, has withdrawn from the EU-Commission working group charged with updating the banned substances list in RoHS. It’s unfortunate that the working group has lost Chemsec as a member, as they have been instrumental in presenting concrete solutions to phasing out well-known hazardous substances contained in electronic

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Coming in 2015 - New Generation TCO Certified

Criteria in TCO Certified are routinely updated every three years, in line with new technologies and sustainability challenges. In 2015 we are planning to launch the next generation of TCO Certified. Preliminary work has begun to assess potential criteria and structural updates.

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2014 phase-out schedule for older versions of TCO Certified

TCO Certified criteria are typically reviewed and updated every two years. As criteria are updated, we also phase out older versions of TCO Certified. We have several criteria documents that will expire this year.

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