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  • Criteria summary

Criteria summary

All TCO Certified products meet criteria in the following areas:

Socially Responsible Manufacturing

  • Brand is required to take responsibility for working conditions in production, including compliance labour laws in manufacturing country
  • Manufacturer must follow ILO core conventions and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • For more about social responsibility requirements in TCO Certified, visit our Social Responsibility Overview page

Environmental Management System

  • Manufacturer must be certified according to either ISO 14001 or EMAS registered

Hazardous substances in products and packaging

Zero or low levels of:

  • Cadmium, mercury, lead and hexavalent chromium
  • Halogenated flame retardants, beyond RoHS requirements
  • Bromine and chlorine in plastics


  • Energy efficiency of product and power supply
  • Latest Energy Star compliance (for products where Energy Star applies)


  • Visual ergonomics (displays, notebooks, tablets, smartphones), including resolution, brightness, contrast and color performance
  • Adjustability for user comfort (displays, headsets)
  • Acoustic performance: protection against sound spikes (headsets) and fan noise (projectors, computers)
  • Ergonomically designed keyboard (notebooks)
  • Device supplied with a headset (smartphones)

Health, safety and emissions

  • Electrical safety
  • Minimal levels of electro-magnetic emissions
  • Reduction of contact allergens (smartphones)

Products and packaging designed for recycling

  • Material coding of plastics for easy recycling
  • Limit on the number of different plastic materials used in the product
  • All packaging must be prepared for recycling

Product lifetime and reuse

  • Minimum one year product warranty
  • Availability of spare parts for at least three years following the final production of that model
  • Brand offers product take back services

Third Party tested and verified

  • All certified product models are tested in an independent test facility that is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 and approved by TCO Development
  • Test and verification partners located in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Europe
  • All environmental and SR documentation independently verified by a third party
  • Fast certification process, approximate two week turnaround, depending on verification workload at time of application

This is a summary only. For full specifications, levels and test methods, visit our product categories page.

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