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Meet with us this spring

Representatives from TCO Development will be attending a number of events this spring. Bring your sustainable IT questions and let us know if you’ll be there

17 January, 2017|Categories: Event, News|Tags: , , , |

Meet with us during October-November

Representatives from TCO Development will be attending a number of events during October-November. Bring your sustainable IT questions and let us know if you’ll be there.

12 October, 2016|Categories: News|Tags: , , |

Proposed chemical tax on electronics misses environmental target

A proposed Swedish chemical tax on electronics misses the mark on the environment, by instead focusing on revenue generation. The tax is only aimed at substances whose negative effects are already known, while giving a pass to untested substitutes that can pose even greater health and environmental risk.

23 September, 2016|Categories: News, Pressrelease|Tags: , , |

A new Greenpeace survey reveals demand for sustainable smartphones

The survey shows a growing consumer demand for smartphones that are made to last, don't contain hazardous chemicals and are easily repaired and recycled.

13 September, 2016|Categories: News|Tags: , , |

More TCO Certified projectors as buyers drive sustainability

Casio now joins NEC and Acer in offering projectors that meet all TCO Certified life cycle criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, energy efficiency, picture quality and lower environmental impact. Buyers can now choose from 50 certified projector models.

30 August, 2016|Categories: News, Pressrelease|Tags: , |

The business case for sustainable electronics

It doesn’t take a genius to see that electronics are more widely used than ever before.. Is it possible to turn the tide on e-waste?

15 June, 2016|Categories: News|Tags: , , |

No upcoming webinar at the moment

9 June, 2016|Categories: Upcoming Webinar|

Are your electronics as sustainable as claimed? 5 ways to be sure

Sustainability certification is more than a label slapped on a box as it rolls off the assembly line. If you want to be confident about the electronics you buy, it’s important to know that third party verification is included.

2 June, 2016|Categories: Learning C. Top Story, News|Tags: , , , |

Washington DC Summit: New Sustainable IT Purchasing Guidelines

Increasingly purchasers are demanding more transparency into the environmental and social impacts of the IT products they buy. They’re also uniquely positioned to affect positive change at a scale that can transform markets. That is why new US guidelines for sustainable purchasing of IT and other products will be discussed this week at theSustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) annual summit, in Washington, DC May 24 – 26.

23 May, 2016|Categories: Event, News|Tags: , , |

Are Your Electronics Socially Responsible?

Some problems that plague IT production – like blocked fire exits or malfunctioning safety equipment – are relatively easy to solve. But the issues go much deeper. From migrant workers who have to pay for the privilege of serving as modern-day forced labor, to using student workers for menial tasks under the guise of education, to extreme overtime — the human costs of IT manufacturing can be staggering.