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Proposed chemical tax on electronics misses environmental target

23 September, 2016|

A proposed Swedish chemical tax on electronics misses the mark on the environment, by instead focusing on revenue generation. The tax is only aimed at substances whose negative effects are already known, while giving a pass to untested substitutes that can pose even greater health and environmental risk.

More TCO Certified projectors as buyers drive sustainability

30 August, 2016|

Casio now joins NEC and Acer in offering projectors that meet all TCO Certified life cycle criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, energy efficiency, picture quality and lower environmental impact. Buyers can now choose from 50 certified projector models.

Closing the sustainability gap in public procurement

18 May, 2016|

Listen to our webinar, “Closing the sustainability gap in public procurement”, were we explore opportunities, dispel myths, identify gaps and effective solutions in the current approach to sustainability and procurement in public sector. A case study from Sweden are discussed as well as the vital role of public purchasers in driving positive change.

Are Your Electronics Socially Responsible?

3 May, 2016|

Some problems that plague IT production – like blocked fire exits or malfunctioning safety equipment – are relatively easy to solve. But the issues go much deeper. From migrant workers who have to pay for the privilege of serving as modern-day forced labor, to using student workers for menial tasks under the guise of education, to extreme overtime — the human costs of IT manufacturing can be staggering.

Mobile devices meet new sustainability criteria in TCO Certified

20 April, 2016|

During March-April, 26 models of notebook computers and tablets have met the new, advanced sustainability criteria in TCO Certified, the third party sustainability certification for IT products.

Les appareils mobiles répondent à de nouveaux critères de durabilité avec la certification TCO Certified

20 April, 2016|

Au cours des mois de mars et avril, 26 modèles d'ordinateurs portables et de tablettes ont satisfait aux nouveaux critères avancés de durabilité de la certification TCO Certified, la certification de développement durable de tiers pour les produits informatiques.

多款移动设备达到TCO Certified新的可持续性标准

20 April, 2016|

领先IT品牌纷纷开始认证笔记本电脑和平板电脑的可持续性。3月和4月,共有26款笔记本电脑和平板电脑已达到TCO Certified新制定的先进的可持续性标准。TCO Certified是针对IT产品的第三方可持续性认证。最新认证产品来自戴尔和联想

Los dispositivos móviles cumplen los nuevos criterios de sostenibilidad TCO Certified

20 April, 2016|

Durante marzo y abril, 26 modelos de ordenadores portátiles y tabletas han cubierto los nuevos criterios de sostenibilidad avanzados en TCO Certified, la certificación de sostenibilidad de terceros para productos TI.