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TCO Development helps organizations integrate sustainable IT as part of an overall sustainability strategy. We are the organization behind the TCO Certified sustainability certification for IT products, offering businesses and organizations a way to reduce their environmental impact and improve their work environments and efficiency.

For over 20 years, our international dialog with multiple stakeholders; users, buyers, industry, independent experts, NGOs has allowed us to help drive more sustainable development in IT throughout the life cycle phases; manufacturing, use and end of life. We work internationally and are owned by TCO, a non-profit organization based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sustainable IT is defined by three elements: using IT as an aspect of a sustainability strategy, making the organization’s IT systems more sustainable, and including sustainability criteria when buying IT products.

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Buyers: Choose Sustainable IT Products

Choosing TCO Certified IT products is an easy way to make sure the IT products you buy help meet your sustainability goals.

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Manufacturers: Certify your products

Certifying your products gives you greater access to purchasing contracts and third party sustainability verification.

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TCO Development helps meet the sustainability needs of professional buyers and the IT industry; providing a way for buyers to choose sustainably designed IT products, and a platform for industry to meet the growing demand for environmental and social responsibility throughout the product life cycle. Our international sustainability certification for IT products, TCO Certified, makes it easier for buyers and industry take more social and environmental responsibility for IT products throughout the life cycle.

We can help:

  • all kinds of organizations to include and verify sustainability criteria when buying IT products.
  • work toward reduced negative social and environmental effects of IT products, during their manufacture, use and end of life.
  • IT-manufacturers to meet current and future sustainability demands.
  • provide your organization with a platform for successfully harnessing the potential to achieving concrete sustainability outcomes.
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You can make a difference

TCO Certified can lead to a more sustainable IT environment for your business.

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New EU public purchasing directive calls for more emphasis on social and environmental considerations in public contract requirements.

At the beginning of 2014 the EU Parliament adopted a new public procurement directive, making it easier for purchasing contracts – including those for IT products - to include requirements for social and environmental responsibility.
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Interview with Niclas Rydell about the sustainability certification TCO Certified

Friday 4 July the German newspaper DW (Deusche Wellen) published an interview where Niclas Rydell, Product and Certification Director at TCO Development answered questions about the sustainable IT certification TCO Certified and its benefits.
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Now you can view our webinar on recycled plastics in IT products ONLINE

In April sustainability certification TCO Certified introduced a new requirement for a minimum 85 percent recycled plastics in the TCO Certified Edge program. On June 18 we invite you to a webinar where we will present the new TCO Certified Edge program along with the advantages of recycled plastics in IT products.
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New Energy Star 6.0 for energy efficiency in computers now in effect.

On June 2, 2014 the new Energy Star 6.0 for computers for energy efficiency came into effect. Like TCO Certified, Energy Star updates requirements regularly in line with new technologies and user demands. This update will also be included in relevant TCO Certified criteria. So if you purchase a TCO Certified notebook, display, desktop or all-in-one PC you can be assured that it also is verified to meet the latest Energy Star requirements as well as all TCO Certified sustainability criteria. Buyers should make sure to request the latest version of TCO Certified in purchasing specifications.
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Public Sector: Demand for Sustainable IT leading to improved bottom line results.

The benefits of including sustainability principles in public sector IT procurement are beginning to show up in the form of better bottom line economic outcomes. Other effects are reduced environmental impact and greater respect for worker rights in IT manufacturing. They key is for procurement and IT professionals to make their demands to vendors clear, specific and verifiable.
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Purchasing Experts: New EU Directive allows inclusion of ILO Core Conventions in purchasing specifications

Two of Europe’s leading experts in EU-law and public sector purchasing believe that the new EU Purchasing Directive makes it easier for public sector buyers to include ILO’s Core Conventions in specifications when sourcing products and services. Peter Kunzlik, Professor of Law and expert in public purchasing at the University of East Anglia and Catherine Barnard, author and Professor of EU-law at the University of Cambridge led the discussion at a recent conference in Stockholm, Sweden.
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New Report – increasing Post Consumer Recycled Plastics in IT products

Almost all IT products contain plastics. But, the use of new or “virgin oil” plastics is connected to a number of sustainability problems, including Co2 emissions, high resource use in manufacturing and the threat of hazardous petrochemicals affecting human health and the natural environment. Today only about 10% of plastics from durable goods is recycled, further adding to these threats and the global e-waste crisis. A new background report from TCO Development calls for an increase in the use of post consumer recycled plastics in IT products.
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Update – Criteria review, non-halogenated substances.

TCO Development is evaluating an update of the non-halogenated substances requirement in TCO Certified. Following a pre-study, we are now publishing a pre-draft for stakeholder comment. The purpose of the proposed update is to increase the knowledge of chemical substances with regards to their human and environmental impacts and to drive a shift towards less hazardous alternatives.
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Sustainability Certification Raises the Bar for Recycled Content in IT Products.

In a step forward for sustainable IT, product certification organization TCO Development announces the first products to meet a new certification for computer displays containing a minimum of 85% post consumer recycled plastics.
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Buyer poll: Are you using TCO Certified in your IT purchasing?

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Companies and organizations worldwide choose TCO Certified as a way of identifying sustainably designed and manufactured IT products. Periodically we survey IT purchasers to see how they are using TCO Certified as part of a sustainable IT program. We’ve put together a simple 3 minute survey and are asking for your input as part of our 2014 IT Buyer poll.
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