TCO Development

TCO Development helps your organization integrate sustainable IT as part of an overall sustainability strategy. Our sustainability certification for IT products – TCO Certified – offers your business or organization a way to reduce your environmental impact as well as improve your work environments and efficiency.

TCO Certified - Choose Sustainable IT-Products

Buyers: Choose Sustainable IT Products

Using TCO Certified is an easy way to make sure the electronics you buy help you meet your sustainability goals.

TCO Development - Certify Your IT-Products

Manufacturers: Certify your products

Gain access to purchasing contracts that require sustainability specifications and third party verification.

As an international sustainability certification, TCO Certified helps meet the needs of professional buyers as well as the IT industry; offering a way for buyers to choose sustainably designed IT products, and providing a structure for helping industry meet the growing demand for environmental and social responsibility throughout the product life cycle.

We can help:

  • Your organization to include and verify sustainability criteria when buying IT products.
  • Your organization work toward reduced negative social and environmental effects of IT products.
  • IT-manufacturers meet current and future sustainability demands.
  • Provide a platform for your organization to achieve concrete sustainability outcomes.
  • 2015-07-08-additional-drafts-com

New Generation – additional product drafts out now

On July 8, we’re announcing New Generation TCO Certified draft criteria for seven additional product categories. Criteria for all product categories focus on sustainability throughout the product life cycle phases: manufacturing, use and end of life.
8 July, 2015|Tags: , , |
  • 2015-06-01-products-that-are-sustainability-certified

Choose products that are sustainability certified

When it comes to electronics, it’s not easy for professional buyers and consumers alike to know which products are designed for the environment and manufactured under fair working conditions. Poor conditions for factory workers is a widespread problem in the electronics industry and buyers want to know how they can choose products that are designed and made fairly
3 June, 2015|Tags: , , |
  • 2015-06-03-hazardous-substances

A new approach to the phase-out of hazardous substances

One of the major changes proposed in the new generation TCO Certified is a fresh approach to reducing hazardous substance content in computers, displays and other electronic devices. Moving away from focusing on banned substances alone, the draft proposes the addition of an Accepted Substances List, specifying substances that have been evaluated and declared as safer alternatives.
1 June, 2015|Tags: , , |
  • 2015-05-27-kalla-fakta

Poor factory conditions in electronics manufacturing continue

In a new investigative report, Sweden’s TV4 this week further exposed the continuing social problems and sub-par conditions faced by electronics factory workers in China.
27 May, 2015|Tags: , |
  • E-waste - The Escalation of a Global Crisis

Global E-waste reaches record high, says new UN Report

In a new report released by the United Nations University, global electronic waste has reached record high levels. 41.8 metric tonnes of e-waste was generated in 2014, fuelling concerns about the growing risks to public health, resource conservation and the environment.
25 May, 2015|Tags: , , |
  • TCO Certified Displays 7 draft now closed for comment

TCO Certified Displays 7 draft now closed for comment

Following a 2-month stakeholder comment period, the draft New Generation TCO Certified Displays 7 has now closed. Thank you to all our stakeholders who submitted your comments
20 May, 2015|Tags: , , |
  • 2015-03-30-film-fran-webinar-logo

May 19 comment deadline. New Generation TCO Certified

A reminder to submit your comments to the draft New Generation TCO Certified criteria for displays. The deadline for stakeholder comment is May 19.
11 May, 2015|Tags: , |
  • 2015-04-29-webinar-on-demand

Industry technical webinar – now available on-demand

In case you missed our technical webinar for industry on April 28, we’re now offering an on-demand version. The webinar offers a condensed version of the industry workshops recently held during April in Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei.
29 April, 2015|Tags: , , |