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TCO Development helps organizations integrate sustainable IT as part of an overall sustainability strategy. We are the organization behind the TCO Certified sustainability certification for IT products, offering businesses and organizations a way to reduce their environmental impact and improve their work environments and efficiency.

For over 20 years, our international dialog with multiple stakeholders; users, buyers, industry, independent experts and  NGOs has allowed us to help drive more sustainable development in IT throughout the life cycle phases; manufacturing, use and end of life. We work internationally and are owned by TCO, a non-profit organization based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sustainable IT is defined by three elements: using IT as an aspect of a sustainability strategy, making the organization’s IT systems more sustainable, and including sustainability criteria when buying IT products.

TCO Development - Choose Sustainable IT-Products

Buyers: Choose Sustainable IT Products

Choosing TCO Certified IT products is an easy way to make sure the IT products you buy help you meet your sustainability goals.

Use TCO Certified
TCO Development - Certify Your IT-Products

Manufacturers: Certify your products

Certifying your products gives you greater access to purchasing contracts and offers third party sustainability verification.

Certify your products
TCO Development helps meet the sustainability needs of professional buyers and the IT industry; providing a way for buyers to choose sustainably designed IT products, and a platform for industry to meet the growing demand for environmental and social responsibility throughout the product life cycle. Our international sustainability certification for IT products, TCO Certified, makes it easier for buyers and industry take more social and environmental responsibility for IT products throughout the life cycle.

We can help:

  • Your organization to include and verify sustainability criteria when buying IT products.
  • Your organization work toward reduced negative social and environmental effects of IT products, during their manufacture, use and end of life.
  • IT-manufacturers meet current and future sustainability demands.
  • Provide a platform for your organization to achieve concrete sustainability outcomes.
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You can make a difference

TCO Certified can lead to a more sustainable IT environment for your business.

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Sweden – a paradigm shift in public purchasing

Following last year’s general election, Sweden’ s new government is exploring strategic ways to increase the focus on sustainability public purchasing.

Now Open for Comment – Draft of New Generation TCO Certified

During 2015 we will be introducing a new generation TCO Certified, beginning with the publication of draft criteria in March. Focus of the new version will continue to be environmental, social and economic sustainability throughout the product life cycle.

Testing the Testers – Round Robin Product Verification

In part 2 of the Behind TCO Certified series, we looked at how third party product testing and verification takes place. Equally important is to ensure that the third parties doing product testing are doing so using consistent test methods and producing consistent outcomes. Round Robin testing between facilities is one way TCO Development carries out this quality assurance. Here we take a closer look.

Certificate Cancellation

TCO Development has cancelled a certificate for computer displays manufactured under the HCL brand. The reason for the cancellation is that the required report from an annual third party factory audit has not been received.

Report – Bank’s Successful Model for Sustainable IT Purchasing

Swedbank’s values-based, risk assessment approach to IT purchasing led to choice of TCO Certified as sustainability criteria in their purchase of 10 000 notebook computers.

IT industry has the ability to phase out hazardous substances

Chemsec, The International Chemical Secretariat, has withdrawn from the EU-Commission working group charged with updating the banned substances list in RoHS. It’s unfortunate that the working group has lost Chemsec as a member, as they have been instrumental in presenting concrete solutions to phasing out well-known hazardous substances contained in electronic

TCO Certified certificate cancellation – Hyundai IBT

TCO Development, in agreement with brand Hyundai IBT, has cancelled a certificate for computer displays manufactured under the Hyundai brand.

Quality assurance – Testing and Verification.

In part 2 of the four-part series Behind TCO Certified we will look at the testing and verification program that is part of the certification process. All TCO Certified products models are third party tested to meet all sustainability criteria in TCO Certified. Final assembly factories are also audited by a third party for compliance with criteria for socially responsible manufacturing.

2014 – A Breakthrough year for Sustainable IT

2014 was in many ways a breakthrough year for sustainable IT. Buyers became even more committed to making sustainable IT product choices and we have seen an improved, more purposeful dialog between IT purchasers and industry. More contracts are also reflecting how an organization’s choice of computers and other electronics can contribute to sustainable development, both before, during and after the purchase is made.

Coming in 2015 – New Generation TCO Certified

Criteria in TCO Certified are routinely updated every three years, in line with new technologies and sustainability challenges. In 2015 we are planning to launch the next generation of TCO Certified. Preliminary work has begun to assess potential criteria and structural updates.